Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Business Cycle Theories

1. Graph number one is good because it depicts recession and growth are in the business cycle and it also shows you what there potential to become is if everything was perfect.  So it gives a real life view as well as an artifiicial one.

2. Graph number two is an alright representation because it is sort of confusing in a sense because it does not tell you how the different parts relate to eachother, but it does tell you part of the cycle itself.

3. Graph number three is a mix of both one and two and does do a good job of representing its purpose of describing the business cycle.  It shows the process that the business cycle continuously goes through on a daily basis.

-I am presenting the JC-Wiz Award for best Graph to graph number one for its outstanding representation of the business cycle and solid creativity and good looks to the naked eye.

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