Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coincident/Lagging Indicators

Coincident Indicators List

(i) Number of employees on non -agricultural payrolls (in Total unemployment Rate
(iii) Gross National Product in constant price (iv) Index of Industrial Production
(v) Personal Income (in money terms)
(vi) Manufacturing and trade sales (in money terms)
(vii) Sales of retail stores (in money terms)

Lagging Indicators
1. The value of outstanding commercial and industrial loans
2. The change in the Consumer Price Index for services from the previous month
3. The change in labor cost per unit of labor output
4. The ratio of manufacturing and trade inventories to sales made
5. The ratio of consumer credit outstanding to personal income
6. The average prime rate charged by banks
7. The inverted average length of employment

I believe these two list tell a lot about the economy and the market.  They describe how to understand and read the marketplace so that you can make smart and wise investments and decisions and not lose money whether you are a business or a person.

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